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Hearing loss should be treated like any other health problem. Many people wait too long before they seek help. When you recognise you are having hearing difficulties, it is important to have your hearing professionally assessed. On average, Australian adults delay hearing treatment by 8 years!

That’s a long time to not hear well, frustrate the family and miss out on parts of conversation. There are also longer term effects of auditory deprivation, which results in poorer speech clarity and reduced neural activity over time. It’s better to get treatment now than to wait until your hearing loss gets worse.

1. Book a hearing test. In our experience, people vary greatly in their ability to self-diagnose their hearing loss. The vast majority of people greatly underestimate the severity of their hearing loss – and the reason is simple. If your hearing slowly changes over time, you won’t notice it changing much. A professional audiology assessment in a sound proof booth with calibrated equipment will give an accurate and objective measure of your hearing ability.

2. Take action!  For many people with hearing loss, this is where they come unstuck – instead of taking action and being pro-active, they delay and put off action until a later time, all the while continuing to struggle to hear properly. For many, a simple matter of amplifying the missing sounds by wearing small hearing aids can reconnect them to a world full of vibrant sound – much of which they didn’t realise they were missing. Lives are improved when people decide to take action, rather than inaction.

3. Be consistent. Daily, consistent use of hearing aids results in better comfort and acclimatization to the speech and sounds around you. When people use their hearing aids consistently, they become just a normal, everyday part of life. After a period of acclimatization, the world sounds more ‘normal’ and background noise becomes less intrusive. People tell us they feel more confident, and happier in social environments. Families tell us of their relief (and joy!) in being able to speak without repeats and experience a greater sense of togetherness.

At Alpha Hearing, we help you take charge of your hearing health. Making living with hearing loss more comfortable is part of everything we do. We are confident we can deliver high quality outcomes that will make you feel delighted, each and every time.


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