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Alpha Hearing Update

Spring is in the air and a number of manufacturers have released a wide range of new hearing aids. If you have been considering new hearing aids or know someone who has been contemplating getting help for their hearing loss, now is a great time to talk to one of our audiologists. As an independent provider we offer hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers so you are not limited to just one brand. Call 9807 3007 to make an appointment.

It’s been an amazing few months in the hearing aid world. We have been extremely impressed by recent advances in technology. We can truly say the days of the big, inconvenient and bulky hearing aids are gone for good.

For those that prioritise discretion, try the Unitron Moxi Now hearing aid. Moxi Now is the smallest receiver in the canal (RIC) hearing aid in the world. Measuring less than 2 centimetres in length, it is almost invisible when worn. Importantly, the improvement in size has not been at the cost of function, with the Moxi Now offering all the automatic features users have come to enjoy and expect.

Unitron Moxi Now

Directional microphones have enabled hearing aid users to enjoy listening in very noisy environments. However, some people find when using devices with directional microphones that they focus too much on the person in front at the expense of those to the side and behind. The Oticon Opn addresses this concern with the new speech processing platform called OpenSound Navigator. In a noisy situation, Oticon Opn scans the environment 100 times per second to analyse and balance every sound individually. By balancing the different sounds around you, you hear a fuller, more natural soundscape, which results in a greater awareness your environment.

Oticon Opn

For many, especially those with arthritis or difficulties managing small objects, changing hearing aid batteries can be a challenge. The new Phonak Audeo B-R hearing aids do away with this with the world’s first Lithium-Ion rechargeable hearing aids. For Phonak Audeo B-R hearing aid clients, it’s now a simple dock and leave. No more changing batteries and no more opening batteries doors.

rechargeable hearing aid

Holy Family Funtabulous Fete

Rain, hail or shine Alpha Hearing was there to support the Holy Family School Funtabulous Fete.

On October 24th, Holy Family Primary School held their biennial fete. The parents, teachers and students did a spectacular job organising the various activities for the day. There were numerous rides, a great selection of yummy food (particularly the cakes!), games, raffle, silent auctions and activities throughout the day. Despite the cold and wet weather and for a brief moment sunshine, there was a strong turnout from the school community.

In line with the Alpha Community philosophy, we were there raising awareness and talking to everyone about healthy hearing. Armed with our series of fact sheets and some demonstration hearing aids, we spent the morning talking to people and answering any questions they had about their hearing loss, hearing aids and hearing care.

It’s great being able to participate in these community events. As hearing care professionals, there are many ways we can help our local community.

If you are interested in having one of our audiologists come to your club, school or community centre to do a talk about hearing health, please call us on 9807 3007 to organise a time.

Holy Family Funtabulous Fete

Phonak Audeo B-R Hearing Aids

Research has shown that rechargeability is a key function that many clients would like to see in hearing aids.

In October 2016, Phonak launched their Audeo B-R rechargeable hearing aid. With a single charge (3 hours), users can have 24 hours of use. If they forget to recharge their devices, a 30 minute fast charge option can provide 6 hours of use. If you are often on the road or planning to do a short trip, the portable charging case will allow you to charge your hearing aids for up to seven days without any external power source. If you want to rid yourself of the nuisance of hearing aid batteries, you will love Audeo B-R. Come and try them at Alpha Hearing.


Excited about the new Audeo B-R rechargeable hearing aids? For a limited time only, get a free upgrade to the rechargeable hearing aids if you purchase any of the Phonak Audeo B50, B70 or B90 hearing aids. Save up to $1000. Offer ends November 15 2016.

Call 03 9807 3007 to book a 14 day free trial.


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