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Alpha Hearing Update

Summer saw our audiologist Hung To give two timely lectures at U3A Waverley. The first lecture was on hearing aids. Too often people would go to see an audiologist, get told they have a hearing loss and are then prescribed hearing aids. Throughout the process, the patient may be told a lot or very little about the hearing aids they are being prescribed with.

What we have found, in our practice is that the more you can educate the patient about their hearing aids, in particular what to expect and why you should expect this, the more prepared they are for their hearing aids. In our experience, we have seen this as an important factor to the success of a hearing aid trial.  In the first lecture, Hung discussed the advances in hearing aids, debunking some of the misconceptions about what hearing aids look like and what they can do. He discussed the choices that are available and then went through what to expect when you are fitted with hearing aids for the first time. Knowing what to expect means they will be more prepared for many of the new sounds they have not heard for a very long time.

The second lecture was on Communication Strategies. Hearing aids can do a fantastic job in helping the hearing impaired hear. However, being equipped with extra tools to compliment your hearing can make a significant difference, especially in the more difficult listening environments. Knowing how to optimise lighting, body language, position of speaker and listener, language context and many other communication tools, we hope the people who came will be better equipped to deal with their hearing difficulties.

It is always an absolute joy giving these talks because we find these talks give people the opportunity to ask questions they have about their hearing in a friendly environment. Many people have questions but don’t know where to go to ask or do not feel comfortable going to an audiology clinic for a hearing assessment. Going to where they socialise gives them the opportunity to ask as many questions as they have, without the formality of a clinical appointment.

In all the talks we have done over the years, we have always received positive feedback. Many have thanked us for taking the time to talk to them, because without someone there motivating them to do something, most just continue to struggle through with their hearing loss. We find that once we equipped them with the knowledge to take action and they get help for their hearing difficulties, they wonder why it has taken them so long to see someone about their hearing difficulties.

If you are a member of a club or organisation with senior citizens, give us a call on 9807 3007 to organise a talk about hearing health. Our talks are educational and we allow a lot of time for questions, so everyone can ask all the questions they have about their hearing health.

Alpha Hearing Christmas Hamper 2016


Congratulations to Faye (pictured here with Lisa from Alpha Hearing) a Mount Waverley local, for winning our 2016 Christmas hamper. We’re sure Faye and her family will enjoy devouring all the foodie treats in the hamper this Christmas.

Thanks to Ritchies IGA in Mount Waverley for helping us put together the Christmas hamper this year. Ritchies IGA is a great place to shop and have been a great support of our local business. We’re sure Faye would agree, it truly is “Where the Community Benefits”!

Signia Silk hearing aids


The introduction of the new Signia Silk hearing aids has revolutionise custom hearing aids. In the past, when someone wanted discrete custom hearing aids, we had to firstly take an impression of their ear canal, send it off, wait two weeks or so before they can then be fitted. For the Silk aids, it’s now a matter of deciding the right size dome, click and go. Fitting procedure for the Silk hearing aid is quick and efficient.

It’s not uncommon for people to comment that when they first put on custom hearing aids, it feels like they have a hard plug in their ears.  Silk’s soft silicone sleeve has changed this. Many feel that the Silk hearing aids provide a more comfortable and less intrusive fit. Furthermore, changing domes size to optimise comfort can be easily undertaken in the clinical room, thus avoiding unnecessary period where a patient is without their hearing aids.

Unlike the past CIC or IIC type hearing aids, the Silk hearing aids allows for full wireless connectivity and the new binaural OneMic microphones gives a directionality boost to your ear’s natural focus of sounds in the front whilst fltering out noise from back.


Excited about the new Signia Silk hearing aids? Anyone prescribed with a pair of silk hearing aids and quote “Newsletter Promo” will receive the first year’s battery club membership free of charge. As a member of Alpha Hearing Battery Club, you will receive two packets of hearing aid batteries every month for 12 months. For almost all of our patients, this is all the batteries they need for the year.

Offer ends March 31 2017.

Call 03 9807 3007 to book a 14 day free trial of the Signia Silk hearing aids or to learn more about the Alpha Hearing Battery Club.

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