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AudiologistAn audiologist is a university trained medical professional. They have post-graduate qualifications. They are specialists in the assessment and non-medical management of hearing loss.

An audiologist measures hearing, identifies hearing loss and recommends counselling and guidance programs. These programs often include hearing rehabilitation that will lead to the best hearing outcomes for the person with the hearing loss and their family.

Audiologists will specialise in different areas. These areas include paediatrics, electroacoustic assessments, (using brainwave measurements to measure hearing,) tinnitus counselling, vestibular (balance) assessments, cochlear implants and hearing aids. Each of these areas requires specialised training and skills.

Audiologists must also have an attitude of compassion and empathy for people.


Why choose an Alpha Hearing audiologist?

AudiologistAt Alpha Hearing, our primary focus is on people who have concerns about their hearing. Our audiologists share a real passion for helping people make the most of their hearing.

Our audiologists are members of Audiology Australia and they all have current Certificates of Clinical Practice. Audiology Australia is the peak professional body for audiologists in Australia.

This means that our audiologists must abide by a strict code of ethics and high clinical standards. They undertake regular ongoing professional development across a wide range of disciplines.

Our audiologists are experts in diagnosing hearing loss. They are specialised in the fitting of modern digital hearing aids. They are also excellent counsellors and teachers. Our programs do not end once hearing aids have been fitted. Our audiologists will ensure you have the required ongoing support and that your hearing is well looked after for a lifetime.

At Alpha Hearing, you can consider our audiologists as professional friends. Our focus is on you and your problems around which we expertly fill the roles of diagnostician, engineer, counsellor and teacher. People are at the heart of the business of the audiologist. People will always be the focus at Alpha Hearing.

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