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Hearing aids are miniaturised advanced digital devices designed to enhance hearing acuity and clarity of speech. There are many different types of hearing aids, designed for a wide variety of needs and preferences. Entry level devices are the least featured. Advanced and premium models add greater complexity and technology.

Hearing aids can either be worn in the ear (custom) or behind the ear.
Each style has its unique advantages. In selecting a style of device, your audiology and type of hearing loss is the primary consideration. It is also important you are comfortable with the cosmetics of the device and the way it looks in/on your ear.

Inside the body of the hearing aid, the technology relates to how the device modifies speech and sound to enable you to hear it more clearly. The level of technology determines the performance characteristics of the hearing aid and is the main factor influencing the cost of the device. Broadly speaking, the better the technology, the better the features, the better the performance and the higher the cost of the hearing aid.

The best way to tell if you really need hearing aids is to get your hearing checked by an audiologist to determine the level and type of hearing loss. In consultation with your audiologist, and following an audiology assessment, a suitable style and technology can be clearly recommended.

At Alpha Hearing, we offer a 35 day trial of our hearing aid devices. If, after the required adjustments have been made, you consider your fitted hearing aids to be unsuitable or not satisfactory, you can return them to us within a period of 35 days of the date of fitting in exchange for 100% of your money back.

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