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On February 1 2016, Phonak launched their new custom hearing aids – the Virto V series.  With the introduction of the custom hearing aids, Phonak will now complete the range of styles available under the Phonak Venture platform.

The Venture platform runs on AutoSense OS, which is the ‘central brain’ of the Phonak Venture hearing aids. AutoSense works by capturing and analysing incoming sound and then matching that sound environment to more than 200 possible settings to provide the optimal output for that environment without any manual interaction.

The new custom design features a nano-coated battery doors, a push button and volume control which provides better durability and useability. The major innovation of Virto V hearing aids compared to its predecessors is the floating antenna. By fitting the antenna where there is space in the hearing aid, Phonak has been able to decrease the visible surface by 25%. Other features available in the Virto V range include:

  • binaural VoiceStream technology that streams the full audio bandwidth between the two hearing aids in real time;
  • wireless functionality to help with challenging listening situations and the ability to connect to a wide range of wireless devices. This function is available even in the CIC hearing aids;
  • acoustically optimized venting to provide maximum hearing comfort and performance; and
  • Tinnitus Balance noise generator

In a research commissioned and undertaken by Phonak, the researcher concluded that the Virto V90-10 when compared to 2 other high end competitors were:

  • Visibly smaller and objectively measured to be smaller. The smaller size had no influence on handling
  • Significantly better speech intelligibility within noisy environments

To view this report, click here.

To trial the Phonak Virto V hearing aids, give Alpha Hearing a call on 9807 3007.

Phonak Virto V hearing aids

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