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When hearing loss is present, unless you’ve had a hearing test, you will not be aware of the extent of the hearing loss. Ask any audiologist, and they will tell you that most people take a long time to recognise their own hearing loss. The reason for this is simple – hearing loss is commonly a very gradual process, occurring over many years.

Consequently people don’t notice they are not hearing certain sounds clearly, but they may notice:

  • having more difficulty hearing clearly in crowds and background noise
  • listening takes greater effort, perhaps needing to focus on facial and mouth movements
  • turning the TV up louder
  • asking for repeats
  • require people to speak more loudly for them
  • people mumble or speak too quickly

All of these are common signs of hearing loss. It is often family or friends who first notice that someone isn’t hearing well anymore. This is because they are the ones having to speak more loudly, doing the frequent repeats, tolerating an overly loud TV or are accused of mumbling when they didn’t used to mumble before.

hearing loss video

Recognising hearing loss is the first step towards restoring healthy hearing.
An audiology assessment is recommended when there are signs of hearing loss. Based on accurate results, options can be clearly presented and a path forward can be planned.

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