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signia primax hearing aidsAt the recent Audiology Australia National Conference, Signia (formerly Siemens) showcased their new “primax” hearing aids. To demonstrate the advances made on the primax hearing aids relative to their earlier models, Signia had their Kemar (test dummy) setup on display. Under this setup, the participants would listen to a pair of demonstration hearing aids and various sounds, e.g. noise, music and speech would then be played via a 4 speaker array, surrounding the listener in various noise. The participants would listen with different features activated to experience what the hearing aids could do to improve their listening.

We found by controlling the microphone orientation and having the new SpeechMaster sound processing on, listening was easier and clearer with the primax hearing aids, even when there was a lot of background noise. We also found the HD Music program, which is new to primax, provided a fuller and richer music experience when music was played.

We were impressed with this demonstration and have now replicated it in our Mount Waverley clinic so that our clients can also trial the primax hearing aids under this unique simulation setup. When you visit our clinic to trial the primax hearing aids, we will firstly perform a hearing assessment. We then program a pair of primax devices based on the test results and take you into our demonstration room where will replicate some difficult listening environments and let you hear for yourself what the hearing aids can do for you. We believe this set up will allow you to have a greater appreciation of the new directional microphone, noise reduction and HD music technology.

To ensure that you are able to give the hearing aids an even more robust evaluation, new devices will be ordered for you and a fully calibrated, customised fitting will be performed. You can then take the hearing aids away for two weeks at no cost*. In those two weeks, we encourage you to test them in as many situations as you can. We know by doing this, you will then be able to make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

To learn more about the primax hearing aids, visit Signia’s website by clicking here. In brief, the features that distinguish the primax hearing aids from its predecessors are:

  • SpeechMaster – Signia’s new sound processor. It aims to make speech understanding easier by reducing the background noise, steering the microphone to the direction of the person you are talking to and then amplifying this person’s voice more than the noise around them. The microphones can also be adjusted to focus in different directions.
  • HD Music – Signia has set up a new music program to help enhance the experience of listening to music. Historically, hearing aids have concentrated on improving speech intelligibility and music was not high in importance. Over time, feedback from hearing aid users is that music is very important and it needs to be treated differently to speech. The HD Music (High Definition Music) program caters for this by providing a different setting for music, in particular a much wider output range to allow music to be heard in a fuller, richer and more natural way.
  • EchoShield – in a room full of hard surfaces, e.g. in a hall, the echo of noise can be very distracting. EchoShield manages this by softening the reflected sounds so that they are not as intrusive.
  • TouchControl – If you have a smartphone, a free smartphone app will allow you to control your hearing aids via your phone. You can adjust the volume, change programs and set the direction of the hearing aid microphones. In a noisy environment, this control can make greater use of the new powerful microphone technology.

If you would like to experience this unique simulation or want to trial the new primax hearing aids, call 9807 3007 to make an appointment.

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