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Why Treat My Hearing LossAlthough hearing loss is often not obvious to the eye, hearing loss and its consequences are real. Globally, hearing loss is the number one sensory deficit in the older adult population. We can no longer ignore the fact that each day, more and more of us are having to live life with hearing loss.

Although hearing loss is more common among baby boomers and older adults, increasingly, we see the problem presenting in younger age groups due to the damaging effects of noise and mobile technologies such as iPods and iPhones.

Hearing loss can affect you in many ways. Some of the most common are:

  • Social withdrawal due to increasing difficulties communicating with others.
  • Emotional problems caused by a drop in self-esteem and confidence.
  • Fewer opportunities to engage with others and build new and important relationships due to impaired communication.
  • A change in lifestyle to accommodate the problems associated with reduced hearing ability.
  • Higher concentration to stay engaged in conversation, resulting in energy levels being depleted faster through the day.
  • Behavioural reactions such as bluffing, blaming and demanding.
  • Cognitive reactions such as confusion, difficulty focusing, distracting thoughts, decreased self-esteem and communication break-down.

Optimal management of hearing loss not only requires early recognition and treatment, but it also requires ongoing support and access to relevant and current information from experts you can trust.

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