Our professional hearing care gives people the confidence and energy to meet the demands of everyday life. With healthy hearing comes a renewed vigour and desire to actively participate and be more engaged with the people around you.

Our professional role as audiologists is to restore healthy hearing and to help you manage your hearing loss. But does our job really end there? We don’t think so.

Technology has changed many things. Importantly, technology makes it much easier to engage with others and connect to the people and places around you. Think of iPads, smart phones and laptop computers.

We have started working with ReadyTechGo to provide special at-home technology lessons to accompany all of our hearing aid fittings. When we have completed our job with your hearing aids, technology trainers will be available to visit you at your home to help you gain confidence and skills using technology.

This might involve helping you to connect your hearing aids to your TV using Bluetooth. It might involve you using your renewed hearing to talk face-to-face with a loved one interstate or overseas using an iPad. Or it might simply be learning how to “google” useful tips on how to care for your hearing aids.

Technology and communication go hand-in-hand and in a rapidly changing world, Alpha Hearing and ReadyTechGo are working together with a commitment to keeping you connected to those who matter most.