Principal Audiologist

Michael Wong

Michael Wong, Principal Audiologist at Alpha Hearing, Melbourne. BSc.(Hons), Grad.Dip.Aud, M.Aud.A (CCP).


Michael Wong is a skilled and compassionate clinical audiologist, specialising in hearing aids and comprehensive hearing services. With a strong commitment to improving the lives of individuals experiencing hearing difficulties, Michael has established himself as a trusted professional within the audiology industry in Melbourne.

Michael holds a degree with Honours in Science (Pharmacology) and a postgraduate degree in Audiology from the University of Melbourne, where he excelled academically and gained a deep understanding of the intricacies of hearing health. His knowledge in audiology, combined with his commitment to ongoing professional development, allows him to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving field of hearing aids and services.
With over 25 years of experience in hearing services, Michael has established his skills in diagnosing, evaluating, and treating various hearing disorders. His practical experience has exposed him to diverse cases, enabling him to provide tailored solutions to each individual he encounters.

During his time in clinical practice, Michael has developed a reputation for his ability to connect with patients on a personal level. He understands that hearing loss affects individuals differently and takes the time to listen to their concerns and aspirations. By employing a patient-centered approach, Michael ensures that every individual receives personalised care, tailored to their unique needs.

Michael’s passion for his profession, coupled with a strong dedication to patient satisfaction, makes him the ideal choice for anyone seeking top-quality audiology services.

Senior Audiologist

Anna O’Brien

Anna O’Brien: Clinical Audiologist at Alpha Hearing, Melbourne. BSc.(Hons), M.Clin.Aud, M.Aud.A (CCP).

Anna O’Brien is a highly accomplished and dedicated audiologist. With a calm, caring and assured demeanour, Anna is a wonderful clinician who consistently goes above and beyond for her patients.

Anna earned her Masters degree in Audiology from the University of Melbourne and since then has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the audiology industry. In this time, Anna has honed her skills and developed a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with hearing loss. Her knowledge extends to the evaluation, fitting, and maintenance of hearing aids, as well as the provision of individualised hearing services.

In addition to her clinical expertise, Anna has contributed to audiology research through her work at the National Acoustic Laboratories and the HEARing Co-operative Research Centre. Her publications in peer-reviewed and trade journals have shed light on hearing aid technology and rehabilitation techniques.

Anna’s patients consistently praise her warm and compassionate approach. She has been described as having the “right mix of everything”. Her exceptional communication skills allow her to effectively educate patients and their families on the benefits and proper usage of hearing aids, enabling them to make informed decisions about their hearing health.

With Anna as their audiologist, individuals with hearing loss can have confidence that their hearing health is in the hands of a compassionate, knowledgeable professional who is dedicated to improving their wellbeing and quality of life.

Senior Audiologist

Joanne Sahhar

Joanne Sahhar: Clinical Audiologist at Alpha Hearing, Melbourne. B.Sc, Mast.Clin.Aud, M.Aud.A (CCP).
Joanne Sahhar Photo
Joanne is a highly experienced Audiologist who has worked across various avenues of clinical audiology in Victoria and South Australia. She has specialised skills in paediatric audiology testing, auditory processing testing, ear wax removal by microsuction, hearing aids and comprehensive hearing testing.

Joanne completed a Bachelor of Science degree at Monash University, with majors in psychology and physiology. She completed her Masters of Audiology postgraduate degree at the University of Melbourne. With 18 years of experience in audiology, working with adults and children, Joanne continues to find joy in helping people achieve their hearing goals and be connected with their loved ones through speech and sound.

Her career has taken her to South Australia where she was involved with extensive adult hearing rehabilitation work and lots of paediatric audiology work all over the state to test babies and children with hearing issues. She has also undergone specialist training in auditory processing testing, tinnitus assessment and advanced ear wax removal using microsuction. She returned to Victoria several years ago and has continued to help people re-connect with their families through the gift of better hearing and better ear-health awareness.

Joanne has a positive, friendly and gentle approach to all matters relating to audiology and hearing health and works with patients of all ages. She is a strong believer in patient-centred care and finding the right hearing solution for each persons’ individual needs.

When not working, Joanne enjoys running with her dog in the early morning light, and spending time with her two children and husband.