Hearing Aid Overview

Hearing Aids

the human ear
Advanced electronic devices that correct hearing loss, so you can listen, communicate and participate more fully in daily life. Importantly, modern devices also do so much more than simply correct your hearing loss. Read on to discover more.

6 facts about modern hearing aids

  1. They can be invisible.Most of the devices we work with are so small they can’t be seen when you wear them. We fit styles that sit comfortably inside the ear canal and out of sight as well as styles that sit discreetly behind the ear with not-very-much inside the ear. Both look great and cannot be seen.
  2. They are smart. Most adjust automatically. Some control noise enabling you to hear speech in restaurants and meetings. All must be appropriately programmed. The best technology is useless unless it’s correctly set up.
  3. They can be paired to your smart phone. This means you can use them to talk on your phone without headphones or headsets. This can be easily demonstrated in our clinics.
  4. They can be programmed to be wireless ear phones. Learn how to stream music (eg Spotify), podcasts and even audiobooks (eg Audible and Borrow Box) from your smart phone or tablet directly into your ears.
  5. They are rechargeable. Forget batteries. You don’t have to change batteries or buy batteries. This makes the devices much easier to manage and use.
  6. They can be trialled for FREE at Alpha Hearing. Let us do the hard work for you. We can supply them, set them up (professionally and correctly), program them to work with your phone or tablet and let you take them home to experience the benefits for yourself. Our free trial allows you to make a well-informed decision regarding your hearing device choice. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Hearing aids and Alpha Hearing

Alpha Hearing is proudly private and independent. We are not owned by a larger company driven by profit and shareholders or a hearing aid manufacturer driven by promoting and selling their own particular brand.

We offer hearing aids and add-on products from a range of leading manufacturers and brands. We are able to fit you with devices that will give you the best outcome and value for money.

Our experienced audiologists will assist you in choosing the style of your device and its technological performance level. They are specialists in programming the various add-ons available (eg phone apps to control the devices, music and audiobook streaming) to suit your individual needs.

We think it’s counter-productive to get hearing aids from a business that takes a set-and-forget approach. We pride ourselves on our service and believe it’s this personal attention and care that sets us apart. High quality, ongoing support is essential for best outcomes.

If you’ve already obtained your hearing aids elsewhere and are not happy with the outcomes, you would not be alone. We also offer a great second opinion and would welcome your enquiry! Feel free to try our service and give us a ring.

The best way to tell if you really need hearing aids is to get your hearing checked by an audiologist.