ALEXLast month, Alex Caia was interviewed by the Leader Newspaper for Hearing Awareness Week. Alex was fitted with hearing aids by our audiologist Eugene Chang. Like the majority of people we see, Alex didn’t realise how much he was missing because of his hearing loss. He didn’t realise how beneficial they would be. Alex now enjoys his hearing. “I should have gone years ago,” he said.

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For most people, the sound of cicadas chirping is a cheerful reminder of hot summer afternoons.

But for Notting Hill grandfather Alex Caia it is a noise he is happy to forget. Mr Caia is one of the 3.5 million Australians affected by hearing loss.

For years, the Mr Caia put up with tinnitus – a constant ringing in his ear that sounded like chirping cicadas –

making it hard to follow conversations.

In May, Mr Caia finally had hearing aids fitted by Mt Waverley’s Alpha Hearing audiologist Eugene Chang.

In the peace and quiet of his back yard, Mr Caia said he could hear birds singing.

“I should have gone years ago,” Mr Caia said.

Mr Chang said people were often surprised by the impact a simple device could have on their lives.

Mr Chang said older, clunky hearing aids had made way for small, comfortable devices that could be worn all day.