Audiologist Michael Wong recently returned from a holiday in Thailand. While enjoying some traditional thai “boat noodles”, he met a lovely gentleman who referred to himself as Uncle (pictured). Uncle has suffered hearing loss for many, many years and uses a hearing aid on his left ear to help improve his hearing and communication.

This story shows how lucky we are in Australia to have a government funded program that allows people like Uncle to access modern, digital hearing aids free-of-charge from university trained professionals. Uncle’s hearing aid is a decades-old, analogue device fitted by a local nurse with no formal training in audiology. And you know what? Uncle was happy with nothing but compliments for the product and services he received. Imagine how much happier he would be with his hearing if he lived in the “lucky country”.

If you are a current user of a hearing aid(s) that you think could be older than Uncle’s, come in and see one of our audiologists. Where possible, they will make arrangements to upgrade your hearing aid(s) to a more up-to-date and digital model free-of-charge.