Update June 2021

Jun 15, 2021

Thanks to everyone who attended our hearing device demonstration days last month. We were able to demonstrate how hearing aids can now be connected to your mobile phones, iPads and TVs so you can hear the sound directly in your ears.

We also demonstrated some of the key features of these devices and how they can help you hear better even in difficult listening environments like the local café. It was great fun taking clients over to Bensons Café and showing them they really can still be part of the conversation!

Image above: Valerie and Sam enjoying a coffee during one of our demonstration day events

If you’ve been putting off getting your hearing tested and managing your hearing problems, give us a ring, we’re here to help and can demonstrate how the technology works. Our clinical support and professional expertise sets us apart from others.

Our Alpha Hearing clinics are open despite Victorian Lockdown 4.0. Our friendly and dedicated team continue to provide essential hearing services to our clients and the broader local community. We have all had our Covid-19 vaccinations and are doing our part.

And through it all, we even managed to win second prize in the Business People of Monash photo competition. Check out the story and winning photos here:

Businesspeople of Monash Photo Competition

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Michael Wong at Alpha Hearing

The Covid-19 vaccination clinic at Monash Medical Centre is next door to the Audiology clinic!