Hearing TestNice summary of when we should have a hearing test. It is US focused, but the timeline is spot on. This is our adaptation to make it more appropriate for Victoria.

1) Newborn – we have VIHSP (Victorian Infant Hearing Screening Program). Fantastic program to catch those with congenital loss. There are significant benefits for early detection of infants with hearing loss.

2) Primary School Age – Children with hearing loss may get frustrated easily, seem overly tired at the end of the day, appear to not be paying attention, or respond incorrectly to a question or request. Therefore it is worthwhile having a hearing test just before the child starts primary school to rule out hearing loss.

3) Throughout primary and secondary school as and when necessary. Talk to the teacher and look out for signs that may indicate the child is having trouble hearing.

4) Start of University – Lectures in many university courses are held in big auditoriums, so the hearing environment will be quite different to school. Given the level of exposure to personal electronic devices, young adults are also more at risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss.

5) Age 50 baseline hearing test – good to establish a baseline hearing level. This will provide important information as the person age.

6) whenever you have a hearing concern.

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