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Hearing Test

A hearing test is a quick and easy screening test that tells us if a hearing loss exists or not. It is useful in identifying if further investigation via a complete audiology assessment is required.

Hearing Test by Alpha Hearing, Michael

At Alpha Hearing, an audiologist will always conduct your hearing test. They will clearly explain the results to you at the conclusion of the test. You will also be given the chance to ask questions.

Hearing tests are performed from birth throughout the adult years when requested and when there is increased risk for hearing loss. The test is objective and it provides a cost effective way to separate people into two groups, such as a pass and fail group.

If you pass the hearing test, it means your hearing is within normal limits (or at least borderline normal). No further management is required. If you fail the hearing test, it means your hearing falls outside the normal limits. A complete audiology assessment will be recommended.

Every hearing test is kept on file. These records are important in considering how much your hearing changes over time. Most people have their hearing tested annually.

If you have never had your hearing tested or you suspect you may have hearing loss, a hearing test is a good place to start. At Alpha Hearing, a hearing test is free-of-charge.

Important note. Whether you have your hearing test at Alpha Hearing or somewhere else, you should make sure it is performed by a qualified audiologist and member of Audiology Australia. Many places offer hearing tests that are conducted by reception staff or unqualified technicians. They may not conduct the test accurately. In most cases, they won’t be trained to recognise when medical conditions could be affecting your hearing test results.

If you want your hearing test to be accurate and interpreted correctly, make sure it is performed by an audiologist.

Your hearing test is FREE OF CHARGE and performed by university qualified audiologists who are members of Audiology Australia.